Presence of Peace

What If !!!! ? Magic!


so a new goal…

So many times we always just hope for the bare minimum. like ‘as long as it actually follows through, or as long as we get through it, or if i could just reach this point, i’ll be happy”

Theres a famous saying thats ‘reach for the stars…set your expectations high and your outcomes will always be more than you expect them to be’

Today I realized that Im one of those people who basically just hope that the worst doesn’t happen, and if it doesn’t happen then I succeeded.

Perhaps it feels better to set your expectations low so you won’t be disappointed. But what if thats the very reason we dont get the gold in the bucket, or the rainbow outcome…because we really just dont expect it. Our mind is set on just reaching ends meet, bare minimum, a little more than failure….

Ive never really pondered upon this but its an interesting idea….

Perhaps we should set out for rainbows and butterflies, joy and happiness, dreams and magic…

And if you think about it…Even after doing that, and we dont end up getting the rainbows and butterflies, at least we enjoyed the whole day thinking and focusing upon rainbows and butterflies and magic and success!

So many times we are focusing on the outcome, but we dont realize we are worrying the hell out of the process of manifesting them, and so we basically suffer and never actually enjoy the process. In fact we are so damn focused on the outcome being what we dont want to manifest, that we end up manifesting that very feared outcome!

Im going to try something new, and you can too if you dare šŸ˜‰

To enjoy the process….

Ive never cared much about the process, i usually am inpatient to get the things finished and to move on to the next project, but I realize its no fun.

Lets try it out… to set our expectations thousand times more magical than it might seem to even possible come out to…

For example Im going to go to lunch with a friend ( i should actually be walking there right now! but i wanted to write this down and send it )….

I hope not only the food is great the conversation is awesome, we have an amazing time…but ambience is in the air, and magic sparks through, and suddenly a bucket load of opportunity to travel flys out of now where, and people we meet on the street are awesome, and suddenly i know how to clear all problems, and become inspired and end up creating something amazing and share it with the world, which then inspires them, and they share it with the world…. and on top of that…. something i cant even imagine comes about… a thousand times better… if fact lets just say its already all happened…and this is that moment… and not the road is full of new magical possibilities…

what if we all began to think of that … what if… what if….

Hmm… i dont know !

Lets find out šŸ˜‰


Merry Christmas !! Happy Holidays šŸ˜‰


Falling Open—- ‘Beauty in the Breakdown’ – FrouFrou

Blooming, bubbling, breathing big

open, gasp, touch, tasteā€¦.reach swim, fear.
Blue, water flying bubbles,
Basting in bliss,
boundless bounty, protrudingā€¦
transition between the life and the death
old and newā€¦.
Blue and purple and green
face fearful and fractioned, yet free.
Falling Open.
InsideOut ~

Trying a Poem on For Size

Love is like the waves.


Crashing and falling, and Rising with such beauty.
You can never make a wave stand still.
You canā€™t hold it.
But you can flow with it- you can enjoy the ebb and flow.
We appreciate the ocean,
Because it demonstrates this process Ā with ease.
We dont miss one wave because we know other is already on its way.
You canā€™t hold water,
But you can be part of its family.
All that we love, loved, will ever love.
May we rise and fall with it
Rather than put it away in a safe with a lock and key.
Like our breatheā€¦
we need to release the old breathe to receive the new
Which next becomes the old
And so we dance
with ease and joy.

Theres a Presence of Peace

theres a sturdiness,

a grounding,
a strength
there are roots
and there is great confidence in the centering.
There is presence and great stillness.

It is calmā€¦
almost like in meditationā€¦
there is a resonating vibration..
an Omm feelingā€¦.
serenity and presentness.
Nothing in particularā€¦
just it, just is.
NO real reason,
no real calamityā€¦
just is.
an expansiveness,
a reverberation outwardsā€¦
a deep solid connection.
a hollowness,
a mutable creation- a chaining formā€¦
like a the morning dew upon a silent lake.
what is it?
where is it?
how or when did it comeā€¦.
what peaceful workā€¦
what tranquil transitionā€¦
what graceful blossom.
What an openingā€¦
hard to believe its me.
what an access.
how globalā€¦
so spherical,
eclectically enlightening.
So surrounding,
and unexpected.
What a shift,
what a dream,
what a creation.
Drizzling and light.
free flowing,
falling forward
facing in.
caressing ..
creating chaos,
conducting energy
and carefully.

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