Becoming Bigger

Beginnings that grow from the seeds of new perspectives

The Pachamama Alliance is a community that is spreading knowledge to people who are interested to re connect and re integrate the ancient wisdom of living on this Earth. It connects the western and eastern ways and communicates the problems and solutions that are occurring in todays current events.

My mom shared with me this short video by Lynne Twist who is one of the co-founders of The Pachamama Alliance who speaks with such a sparkle in her eye about her perspectives regarding todays world. She shines light and brings hope to these darker and confusing times of human existence. It is very enlightening and motivating and I urge you to watch it if you feel called ūüôā

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Awakening the Inner Creator

Laboratorium PieŇõni

::Here’s the translation of the lyric:: At sea, blue sea There were floating flock of small white swans And where did the gray-white eagle come from? It dispersed the flock around the blue sea White down rose to heaven Gray feathers fell on a green meadow And who will collect these feathers? – a beautiful girl

What does it mean to embrace yourself?

What does it mean to be yourself?
Paying attention to what makes you feel at home, what ignites the hidden fire that seemed so dormant as if it didn’t exist.
What makes you feel empowered and free, boundless and beautiful?
These questions can guide us, and suddenly deep deerskin drums can carry us through the gates of our imagination…
That is the fertile ground from which we can create.
IMG_2647                                          IMG_1357

The Black Crow

The crow: “They unite both the light and the dark, both the inner and the outer.”

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 5.51.39 PM

“Crows are messengers, telling us about the creation and magic all around us, that is available to us just for the asking. Look for opportunities to bring into being the magic of life. The striking black colour of the crow represents the colour of creation. It is the womb out of which the new comes into existence. Black is the colour of the night, giving birth to the light of a new day.”¬†

This morning i was in the kitchen on the computer when suddenly i heard this horrid sound coming outside. At first i ignored it but the sound was

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Blessings Dear Family

Its amazing how much life is a journey. Life- being here as a human on earth is such a journey- an experience of choices- unlimited opportunity. We meet so many people we leave so many people, we connect and reconnect with each other in so many places and times. It is seriously

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On the Radio

Hello ūüėČ

So i just watched this very long but interesting interview with Teal swan ( if you want to watch it )

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Pushing Out from Under

Dance is absolutely for everyone.

But for some it is a portal.


Like a lock and key- It opens other dimensions- Not on the outside- not on the visible relam-  but the inner realm- the human body realm- the earth realm.

Many of us hold secrets within our bodies- some of us can feel it- some of us vibrate to this opening more than others – it is our own unique Key- unique Sound- Vibration- Energy.

This may Sound very cloudy and muffled- This wont resonate with all the way it will resonate with some-

But thats the joy- Each has their own key for someone else.

Alls we need to do is find the keys we hold- and then open those portals- open those doors for others to enter in after us….

In the end there is no leader… there is no follower… just a Journey- in and of each other.

Peace Beats Music – Had a taste of an elixir tonight—

One’s creation opens anothers.

InSide OuT


Our Gifts

Have you ever thought that we all have a really special thing to share with each other?

I really enjoy watching things like “Britain’s¬†got talent ” because its very inspiring to see people become so brave and try to share their special talent with the rest of us. To face all of our judgement including and most strongly the judgement we have against ourselves.

I really honor us all for being here right now right this moment on this Earth.

We have all been going through so many changes and transformations, so many roller coasters and life changes. We have so much strength so many obsitcals and so much potential.

Sometimes i feel like crying when i watch how the light from one person can shine out and touch the hearts of another. I find that even the smallest things can press a key to my heartstrings and send me in a spiral of gratitude or sadness or joy.

We are all such emotional and sensitive begins.

Many of us hide or hate this part of ourselves because we can appear as ‘weak’

But we are moving into a space where we can really appreciate it, for it is our own sensitivity that encourages us to forgive to love and to look after one another.

My prayer is for us to reach deep into ourselves behind the vines of hate and regret and pain and beliefs identities and insecurities and grab that part of ourselves that is so isolated and hidden and embrace it.

WE all have a special gift and usually it is masked behind the idea or belief that it should be hidden.

I ask for all of us to discover what part it is about us that we hide from others and once we find it, to express it in some way.

For me, in this very moment, i find it to be dance i find it to be love and i find it to be power.

I pray for us to realize we actually are authentic and to retire trying to conform to everyone else.

I reach out as a great being and embrace the whole world like a mamma bear hugging her kin. That is my gift to the world today.

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 10.57.53 PM

I love you.

InSide Out.



IMG_4647 IMG_4729

She is ALIVE.

IMG_5940 IMG_4712

She is so SWEETLY nourished by the downfall of rain! IMG_5992 IMG_5997

SHE is GREEN. Greener than you can imagine.

IMG_5304 IMG_5311 IMG_5313

She smells of flowers as you walk down a broken down stoney path.


SHE has MANY mysteries- castles, ruins, caves, shells, stones, SECRET towns HIDDEN CULTURE.

IMG_0551 IMG_5993 IMG_0555 IMG_5983



SHE IS SILENT….but she WHISPERS hmms and INCANTATIONS through the TREES and the BREEZE through the LOUD SEAGULLS hovering over the SACRED BEACHES


SHE IS FILLED With laughing children and families that look so good as if they came out of a MAGAZINE!

She has CAPTURED my heart. I Am forever IN LOVE with her.

I THANK HER for showing me how BEAUTIFUL she is and for SHARING with me her WONDERS.

HER TAPAS are UNBELIEVABLE affordable and RICO !

IMG_1001 IMG_4924 IMG_4926 IMG_4939 IMG_4940 IMG_4951 IMG_4953 IMG_0689 IMG_0693 IMG_0694

she has ¬†CHARACTER that isn’t boastful and sometimes inconspicuous, but when you CONNECT with her you feel her INSPIRING power.

SHE is love and she is EARTH she is beautiful.

she INJECTED LOVE back into my heart.

I can BREATHE again


Outbursts from the Mute Adolescent

Baby steps to becoming more Real


:: Warning…contains some profanity::

Sometimes instead of a bottle of liquor and a few cigarettes all you need is to blast some crazy dub step music in your ears.

Even though you‚Äôve always criticized the looser that sings about saying ‘dont go’ ‘dont leave me’, ‘i miss you’‚Ķ theres that moment when you realize you are that very same asshole singer‚Ķ.
there has been that person that you have been so hung up on for so long… that you are too embarrassed to even let yourself know that…
so instead you put on a good pair of headphones and dance like a crazy maniac sweating from head to toe…. you feel like a total crazy hyped up cheerleader dancing like a looser with the light off trying to dissolve the parts of you that you hate so much.
then after all that all you are ready to do is to admit to yourself… you are so fucking embarrassed. Your so fkin embarrassed how long you’ve been hung up on one stupid person who you know cant even treat you and want you the way you want them too…but some crazy chemical pathway in your brain still believes if somehow you suffer enough and put your life on hold for that one person.. perhaps maybe they will come back…..
and then years pass by… and you wonder why nothing new has happened in your love line… until you realize…. your whole being won’t let anyone in because there is no space for them. But even after realizing that you still have no idea what to do….
so what o you do?
nothing…nothing nothing nothing… only say strait up to yourself.. you still want that sun of a bichhh because thats all you know… and your not going to lie to yourself anymore…your not going to hide from your shadow who never ever disappears… and you striate up admit you feel embarrassed and ashamed and horrible about yourself in this area of your life. and then you resume listening to your crazy music ….
And so it goes….

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