The last ingredients to Healing a Heart that was Hurt

I was in the car today driving home from work and “No Air” by Chris Brown and Jordin Sparks came on my old yet handy dandy iPod.

A thought came to me as i felt the vibrations of the song.

When difficult things happen to us such as a a heartbreak, a loved one passes, a layoff at work, a bad test grade, a fight with a friend, a situation in which something happens to our heart that makes it hurt… we feel sad.

Eventually to heal from this sadness we go through a bunch of emotions such as anger, revenge, desperation, denial, peace, compassion, love, and it continues, sometimes in a cycle or two.

I personally have experienced a few heartbreaks and sad times, and i’ve grown (with lots of dedicated work and consistent maintenance) to understand, forgive, and let go. However I realized today there is one more ingredient left… and this comes after the fact (in my opinion) and that last ingredient is acknowledgement.

I realized as i was listening to this song filled with a type of sadness, a hurt, a passion, a feeling of the heart, that one thing that is so important for us humans to mentally close and understand our experiences is acknowledge- like a crying baby, we comfort, we don’t condemn.  

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The Mad Hatter is Peeking

Why do we believe the impossible isn’t possible?

It’s because we believe that if we fail we will die. All we know will destruct.

Why don’t we believe things are true until someone else  tells us it is so.

Why can’t we believe our own thoughts until someone else agrees its so-

because we don’t trust that we know something before someone else does.

How is it that a 25 year old can know what Einstein did not?

We cannot believe that we are worth or able to say anything until we have a degree for it or funding for our research.

Everything is based on a bad system that promotes us to shut down.

We can’t enjoy the ride if we feel it will not be accepted.

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What is Love?

Sometimes I wonder,

What is love ? This four letter word that we sing about that we hear about in stories that we experience in our lives on so many levels..

What is this force that binds us together, that makes us change, cry, and care for one another.

Such a burden of a word that movies are inspired, and words seem to pour out onto paper.

When we hear a song, when we loose someone, when we gain someone, when we bond with someone or something. What is this fire, this force, this attraction?

Why is it so universal? Why do we all crave it in someway? What makes us desire it so.

In my short life, I have found it makes our blood run faster and stronger, it encourages us to pursue something, to try harder, to be better. Its like a drum, a heart beat, a burst of energy that connects to the whole existence… It reminds us of all that is divine, and suddenly our thoughts stop racing, and we begin to understand

There is a rhyme, a flow, a rhythm that suddenly synchronizes the energy between all things and new paths are formed, new connections are made.

Perhaps it is a life force or the life force that makes us reach for the stars, reach for the best we can be. It is a motivator to evolve.

We grow and we learn with this encouragement and we express and share our secretes with others.

It is like a silent voice that is carried through the wind and the vibrations of our breath that tells us we are more than what we believe ourselves to be, and yet there is nothing we must really do.

Perhaps its the whole point of living, and because it is so diverse, so magical, and so authentically honest, we have so much to discover through it.

I wonder that through love we create new mysteries and challenges, new obstacles and adventures, and finally when we are finished screwing around with this force, we can become it and express it through our own bodies, and words, and actions.

Then perhaps a new world will slowly be given birth into this existence.





For the last few weeks i’ve been craving to write a post. There were so many times when i experienced something, and i thought to myself “oh i have to write about that on Inside OUT” but i never did.

This was irking me but i realized there was more behind it. I was scared, or rather I am scared… of lots of things…. but beyond just admitting that, I realized how FEAR is a four letter word, that really does stop us from doing anything…. “I’m not ready I’m not good enough, they wont like it, its been done before, I’m stupid i shouldn’t try, i shouldn’t have wrote that, what do they think about me, am i an idiot for thinking i could have gotten what i wanted it? ” These are the type of thoughts that stem from fear…. and fear is legitimate and important… it tells us more about ourselves…..but it will only block us if we choose to never overcome it…

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The Black Crow

The crow: “They unite both the light and the dark, both the inner and the outer.”

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 5.51.39 PM

“Crows are messengers, telling us about the creation and magic all around us, that is available to us just for the asking. Look for opportunities to bring into being the magic of life. The striking black colour of the crow represents the colour of creation. It is the womb out of which the new comes into existence. Black is the colour of the night, giving birth to the light of a new day.”

This morning i was in the kitchen on the computer when suddenly i heard this horrid sound coming outside. At first i ignored it but the sound was

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The Ugly Truth about…. JUICING :)

Hello Cyber world!

So as those of you who read know I along with a few others are trying to embark on a beautiful journey of Juicing- to detox, clear out, and make way for the new….But as I have always done with this blog…i would like to share the truth.

…Juicing is a challenge…. Why? Food is awesome and its fun to eat, even when you arent hungry! Food is social and if you can’t eat it cuts out 50 % or more of the activities you can do with friends.. and its really fun to eat!….

So here is the ugly truth of my Juicing adventure…. I haven’t actually gone on it yet.

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The Journey of Juicing- Join me :)

Hello everyone! 


Its been way too long since i’ve last updated this blog. I have been transitioning back to America and have been adjusting to new time schedule, culture, environment etc…

Instead of commenting on all that has passed i will instead focus on the now of my life.

After pigging out a bit on Indian treats and snacks, foods and all the above, we felt a bit sick to our stomach.

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