December 2017

Stepping Into Bravery

:: A journal I felt like sharing with you, thanks 🙂 ::

I learned something after watching Harry Potter. There are some moments where things are so scary and so bad. It might seem there is no hope and that all the odds are against you; however, you have a choice. You can either run and hide and cower, or you can take a few breaths, and realize this is what you have to do, you have to fight, you have to face the situation head on, even if it means you might die.  Continue reading “Stepping Into Bravery”

Happy Holidays: Cheesy Movies and Revelations



:: Authors note…this entry was just for me, but then I thought, hey its been a while since I last blogged, so enjoy the read! ::

I just watched an awesome perfect cheesy christmas movie… it was boss. So great I really enjoyed it. Perfect movie for the moment.

Anyways in the movie the main character kept repeating the same day ( christmas eve ) for 12 days. Each day she was able to re-live the same day. She ended up ‘stopping and smelling the roses’ so to speak and as she interacted and lived more presently more and Continue reading “Happy Holidays: Cheesy Movies and Revelations”

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