Hello Cyber world ūüôā

Good day to you ! Its been a while since i’ve been able to post something on this beautiful blog platform. Today is 77 and sunny, and the flowers are beginning to bloom,and the children are screaming and playing outside. Its nice vibes.

Today on Facebook someone posted a blog about a man who was 24 years old and discovered he would be transitioning on from¬†this planet. The link is bellow if you are interested in reading it- its short and sweet….

Powerful Advice From a Dying Man

He basically explains how, sometimes, it is only when we realize we are leaving this earth, that we realize whats important, and where¬†we should¬†spend our energy. He wrote this ¬†post because he felt he wasn’t able to leave behind anything that he thought could really benefit the plant and its inhabitance, even though I’m sure he has, but regardless he wanted to send good vibes out before he had to leave.

Its things like this that remind me how important it is to be courageous and to get our priorities strait sooner than later, because there really is so much we can give to each other, share with each other, and do to inspire and encourage each other while we are here. But we have to take the action steps and we do have a limited amount of time to take them.

At my yoga studio, the theme for this month¬†is the Anahata chakra, which is sanskrit for the 4th chakra, which is the heart center. It is defined as ‘unstuck’ or ‘unhurt.’ Im sharing this because I feel it is this point of the body that houses so much compassion and joy and abundance as well as so much regret pain and victimization. I feel it is the center point of being human. It is one of the places where we hold our reactions to life experiences.

There are many days when I feel angry, and disappointed, even regretful, revengeful, and hurt by so many situations and people from my past that sometimes return and haunt me. Sometimes when these moments arise I want to yell and curse and hurt or eradicate those memories, and thats fine, as I am also human! However, when we are able to sit deeper into the space of the Anahata chakra, to sit still in it, what we almost always tend to find is a place of stillness that is free from any memories or thought and is untouched by any pain or fear. It is from this point of reference that we can see or lives as a blessing, and see all that has happened and will happen as a transient moment. From here we can forgive and transmute all negative into crystalline energy that some call unconditional love. It is a lens and a strength that I aspire towards.

The man in the article above encourages us to be brave, and to know when to stay and leave situations throughout our lives, whether it be a relationship, a job, a situation, a lifestyle, whatever it is. Our hearts, our emotions are our indicators to when it is time to make these changes. Perhaps soon we will not need such a drastic circumstance such as death or desperation to realize it is time to make a change, and rather act courageously because that is what our hearts are guiding us to do. We can deceive everyone else from learning what is turlly our desires dreams and hopes; however, we cannot hide from ourselves.

There is much to complain about and to fear and to curse in this world when we focus on it through a limited perspective.  Although it is still hard for me to believe that we all really do die, when i can grasp this idea, it makes me value more than not my time here. It also encourages me to say what needs to be said, to act truthfully whenever i remember to, and to forgive and appreciate as much as I can the people, circumstances, and opportunities I have while being here.

If we can practice to see more than what is external, perhaps we can find more ease in forgiving the situations and people and circumstances that carry so much weight in our hearts,and release it knowing that life is short.

L.O.V.E is a four letter word to many of us, because it has been misnamed and misused under so many circumstance; however, when we dig deeper we find how expansive this meaning is. We can begin to see it as the biggest asset we all have, and the greatest abundance we can ever get.

My prayer today is that we wake up and realize life is short, and make the best of the ¬†moments while we are here . My mom said a wise comment the other day she said something like , “if people realized we are here for only a shot amount of time, we wouldn’t be so mean to each other, and we wouldn’t focus so much on war and power, we would probably live better, and just enjoy each others company.”

Something as small as smiling at someone, giving someone directions, showing that you are listing to them as they speak, allowing someone to do you a favor and help you, appreciating a flower or an animal or a tree, small things like that will ripple out in a big way. And vice versa if we choose to act from pain and fear. The point is we can choose what to bring to ourselves and what to bring to others. May we live fully while we are here.

As Tom Lecher says in his astrology reports “Namaste, Aloha, So much love” ūüôā