Ive decided to share with you. Read and perhaps relate. Its a medium that i need to speak my truth. I, like us all, have many things to say…so why not say it…


~ wishful thinking

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Stepping Into Bravery

:: A journal I felt like sharing with you, thanks 🙂 ::

I learned something after watching Harry Potter. There are some moments where things are so scary and so bad. It might seem there is no hope and that all the odds are against you; however, you have a choice. You can either run and hide and cower, or you can take a few breaths, and realize this is what you have to do, you have to fight, you have to face the situation head on, even if it means you might die.  Continue reading “Stepping Into Bravery”

Happy Holidays: Cheesy Movies and Revelations



:: Authors note…this entry was just for me, but then I thought, hey its been a while since I last blogged, so enjoy the read! ::

I just watched an awesome perfect cheesy christmas movie… it was boss. So great I really enjoyed it. Perfect movie for the moment.

Anyways in the movie the main character kept repeating the same day ( christmas eve ) for 12 days. Each day she was able to re-live the same day. She ended up ‘stopping and smelling the roses’ so to speak and as she interacted and lived more presently more and Continue reading “Happy Holidays: Cheesy Movies and Revelations”

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear America, Friends and Family around the world,

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone is able to celebrate in their own way whether its with family and friends and big parties or a small enjoyable meal by yourself or with close ones.

I feel America is going through major transformations and many feel dark, nervous, and fearful about what is to come of our future.

When  times like these strike I think its really important to retreat inside ourselves and reconnect with our inner strengths: the rushing of our blood, the pumping of our hearts, the contractions of our muscles, the steadiness of our bones. We need to remember our strengths and the magic we are as human beings, as beings of this earth.

I think it is also important to remember how we are all the same- no matter what we appear as on the outside, we still all have a heart beat, we have a pulse, we all need to breathe to survive.

Continue reading “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Subtle Silences and Tiny Inclinations


The slight tingling vibration from a stringed guitar

The soft moments of vocal instruments

The warm drippings of the hearts excitements

The bubbling fear of gaseous anxiety.

Then a breath.

A deep inhale from the bottom up into the crown of the head.

The fuming release of thoughts let go down and out of the body.

Strength and readiness replaces stagnation and hesitation.

New notes of encouragement, new bubbling possibilities, curiosities.

A new wind of positivity sweeps throughout neurotransmitters of the mind.

Sun shine peeps through the dense grey clouds and reflects off the colored leaves.

The time ticks away as if nothing happened.

Furniture stands still as if asleep. Could change be coming when environment is still?

Another deep breath.

The rise and fall, the constant beat of the drumming heart.

Movement is always present, even if externally it feels still.

Fountains of innocent ideas spring to life.

A delicate moment to be cherished and expressed.

And then nothing. Just sounds of life moving about mundanely, routinely.

Choice, what to make next?

Decisions, decisions.

A breath.

And letting it all go and come, like the ebbs and flows of life, of waves, of breath, death, of growth, of hello, of goodbye, of hello again.

Learning to dance with the subtle sciences and the tiny inclinations.

The beginnings of a masterpiece.


To Celebrate an Anniversary!

** Photo by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today I opened my laptop and I saw an alert that informed me today marks my 2 year anniversary since I started to blog on wordpress. In honor of this event I must write something as I haven’t used this forum to write since July of 2016!

As life moves forward and new commitments and events pop into our lives, it is hard to maintain our previous relationships and keep them healthy and strong. In this scenario I feel I have ‘neglected’ this forum as I’ve been involved in other things. To sum up I would like to humbly thank this blog, all the effort, stories, emotional and mental releases and feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction it has given me over the past two years.

I feel through this blogs many doors have opened and many doors that needed to be closed have been closed. I feel blessed and honored and excited to label this anniversary of InsideOut to mark the end of the old and beginning of the new. Like a new leaf turning over, a new chapter beginning, I would like to send gratitude to my past for all it has done to help me grow into the person I am today, and I would like to invite all the new and exciting adventures and experiences to come.

My intentions with the blog will be to continue using it as a wonderful medium of expression while perhaps organizing it in a more accessible and organized way that can help me slowly create the foundations to new beginning, new entries, new topics, articles, and ideas.

On a side note, I send out vibrations of strength and inner peace as we move through these tense times of elections, and hope for a smoother ride as we move forward. On a lighter note, I can’t wait to update and start to use this blog again, and look forward to the new creations that come about. Its been great to share and express my journey with you.




From the Stoop of my Doorstep

The dragonfly comes to my site.

It hovers and floats like a feather in a circular wind.
I feel the muse of nature call in a silent form of whisper. A foreign tongue. 
A wind sweeps down and over me. 
A feeling that reassures trust, and a relaxation into the process that unfolds when time is right, like the springing of a bud from the good earth. 
In its own Manner it tells me it will be okay.  

Learning to Live, and then Applying it!

Hello Cyber world 🙂

Good day to you ! Its been a while since i’ve been able to post something on this beautiful blog platform. Today is 77 and sunny, and the flowers are beginning to bloom,and the children are screaming and playing outside. Its nice vibes.

Today on Facebook someone posted a blog about a man who was 24 years old and discovered he would be transitioning on from this planet. The link is bellow if you are interested in reading it- its short and sweet….

Powerful Advice From a Dying Man

He basically explains how, sometimes, it is only when we realize we are leaving this earth, that we realize whats important, and where we should spend our energy. He wrote this  post because he felt he wasn’t able to leave behind anything that he thought could really benefit the plant and its inhabitance, even though I’m sure he has, but regardless he wanted to send good vibes out before he had to leave.

Its things like this that remind me how important it is to be courageous and to get our priorities strait sooner than later, because there really is so much we can give to each other, share with each other, and do to inspire and encourage each other while we are here. But we have to take the action steps and we do have a limited amount of time to take them.

Continue reading “Learning to Live, and then Applying it!”

New Moon Solar Eclipse: When the Moon is blocking the sun


Kari Samules (intuitive counselor and happiness coach) explains it as: “During a solar eclipse the Moon (the divine feminine) temporarily blocks out the light of the Sun (your conscious mind). Your intuitive insights can more easily be recognized.”
(check out her youtube videos if you are interested)

Read, or look up articles for more information on the Eclipse if you are interested 🙂

To bring more energy to these intentions, I decided to post up these new moon super moon eclipse intentions, so perhaps with more people aware of this, they may have more energy behind them to come true.

Also check out the links above for a video explaining the planetary energy of this week.

Set your own intentions, post or share them on this page if you want, or do it in your own special way. Happy new beginnings!

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Life is like a weird twist

::I decided to re-post this, Enjoy the reading 🙂 ::


Life is like a weird twist.

Right when you think your untwisting there is another twist.
ITs so layered and its like the more i try to catch on to the truth the deeper the truth goes.
Can it be we are just in this mind cycle where we feel we are about to reach a destination, however there isn’t one?
Like the alchemist, the novel, the main character finds out the treasure was hidden right under his foot all along?
Is there a way to skip the journey of traveling all around the world to find answers, and simply just submit to the knowledge that the answers are already there- right in front of your face?
Why can’t we believe that?
Why can’t I sit here and believe “yes everything is fine, I will be fine, all my goals are accomplished, i need not do a thing except enjoy the moment?
That feels like ba-hum-bug!
what I end up seeing in my reality is the confusion i feel in my own mind- and that is an uncomfortable place!
Am I to just sit in that discomfort, like in yoga, when the teacher asks you to breath through the discomfort or observe the pain?
For women experiencing period cramps- are they to believe the pain in their lower abdominal is make-believe- that all is fine, and it will pass- and just sit with the pain- functioning to their normal capacities- when their mind tells them they are in grave discomfort?
Whats the secret?
Better yet, is there a secret?
and why do I want to know it?
What do i think i will accomplish once i discover this secret to living life?
Is it inner peace, health, abundance?
How would knowing this secret yield those outcomes- in fact how do i know that that secret will yield those things unless I already know what the secret is? ::acceptance/giving up/surrender/trust??::
Maybe that its all an illusion- and anything whether its pain or pleasure isn’t really there- and therefore I am okay- it is all okay?
Is that what it is? that we all want reassurance that its all okay? that we will all be okay? -survival?
What could guarantee that? what feeling will enable us to experience that its all okay?
Is it love? support? companionship? trust?
If its all okay then is it okay or right that i dont believe that its all okay?
Does being okay mean its being right? then what is right? is it justice and equality?
Is my suffering deriving from the craving of these answers?’
Will this craving ever cease while I’m still alive as a human, or is it only alleviated when i die?
Is this suffering or is it only my perspective of my situation?
Do i dictate what is suffering and what is not? or is it a real chemical sensation – and intuitive feeling system that tells me when i am suffering or when I’m not?
what would it be like not to suffer? how would my existence be different from what it is now?
Is survival an illusion that causes suffering? is the point of life to survive and therefore to suffer? – this mind game is making me suffer.

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